The most secure way to trade digital assets, powered by smart contracts.

Experience a World Class Trading Platform for Digital Assets


Counter will never take custody of your assets or your private key. Assets are secured on smart contracts and all transactions are authorized by the user


Safe trading can be simple. We make it easy to create an account and start trading. No learning curve and no unnecessary steps


Counter applies strict compliance and risk management controls in a continuous effort to provide a complete and near-zero risk trading environment

Why move to Counter?

Counter is a digital asset exchange platform offering the complete trading experience. Counter uses a hybrid-decentralized architecture to achieve the performance of centralized exchange and the security and auditability of a decentralized exchange

Smart Custody

Counter has no access to or custody of your assets or private key. Rather, custody is managed by smart contracts

Instant Trading

Counter provides a true real-time trading experience. Users can trade quickly and continuously without waiting for transactions to mine

Advanced Charting

Counter has integrated TradingView charts. Enjoy a complete suite of tools to create, download and share your charts

Front-Running Proof

Counter's dual ledger system protects users from front running and market manipulation

Transparent & Auditable

Counter settles all transactions to public blockchains making it completely transparent and auditable

Gas Efficient

The Counter model is optimized to reduce trade execution costs and supports features like order updates and cancellations gas free

How it Works


Counter has decentralized the most security critical parts of the platform but maintains speed and throughput enabled by traditional exchange mechanisms


The Counter smart contract is deployed on a public blockchain and is responsible for managing custody and executing trade settlement


Counter uses an off-chain matching engine to process orders, updating trade balances in real time and separating order matching from trade settlement


All transactions are cryptographically signed by the user to prevent users from invalidating matched orders and shielding users from unauthorized activity


Signed transactions are sorted and dispatched for trade settlement by the arbiter, ensuring that trades are correctly ordered and balances stay in sync

How Counter Traiding works